Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol detox prevents thousands of deaths across the United States every year. For those suffering under the overwhelming weight of alcohol addiction, detoxification provides relief and a chance to start fresh. Professionally administered alcohol detox minimizes the terrible withdrawal symptoms that typically accompany alcoholism and further reduce the likelihood of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects as the body resets.

Committing to an alcohol detox and treatment program can be intimidating, especially for first-time patients, but at Chelsea By the Sea, we provide a warm, welcoming environment where you will be surrounded by supportive and professional staff determined to help you succeed in your recovery goals.

Professional Alcohol Detox Services

Located near the ocean in Huntington Beach, Chelsea By the Sea combines our 3 stage alcohol detox program with a wide berth of holistic treatment and recovery options that go beyond the surface to treat the root cause of the addiction. We provide clinically -supervised drug detox in Huntington Beach, and our team of experienced professionals offers individualized care to guarantee that each patient achieves the standard level of health before proceeding with their treatment.

The alcohol detox program does not exist in isolation and is combined with our counseling and therapy programs to provide a full 360 approach to healing and wellbeing. It is impossible to successfully treat addiction without addressing the emotional and mental undercurrents that pushed the patient to alcohol abuse. At Chelsea By the Sea, we strive to uncover and treat those deeper causes since battling the withdrawal symptoms is only part of the fight.

At Chelsea By the Sea, we understand the pain, and suffering alcoholism can cause for patients and their loved ones. Through our alcohol detox program, our patients and staff work together to build better habits and create new, healthy connections that stop the cycle of addiction. If you’re ready to begin working towards a happier, alcohol-free future, contact us today to learn more about our alcohol detox program in Southern California.

What is Alcohol Detoxification?

Alcohol detoxification is a period of medical treatment intended to break the cycle of addiction and remove toxins from the addict’s body so they can begin to recover and focus on building an alcohol-free future. During this process, the user is supported and encouraged as they work to overcome their physical and psychological dependency on alcohol. When counseling and individualized care are added to our 3 step detox program, patients have a significant cleansing experience that leaves them ready to begin working towards recovery.

Why Is Alcohol Detox Necessary?

After months or years of alcohol abuse, the body has grown accustomed to the chemicals in alcohol and has developed a dependency on them. When alcohol use is suddenly stopped, the body is left unbalanced and begins to suffer a variety of painful and unpleasant physical, psychological, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. These symptoms can be so severe that they may prove fatal if not managed by a trained professional.

Since everyone experiences addiction differently and suffers from it in their unique way, it is not possible from the onset to determine whether someone will or will not suffer from potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms. The best way to ensure the safety and success of an alcohol detox is to do it in the care of a trained California alcohol detox physician.

Can I Detox at Home?

An addict should never detox at home or outside the care of a trained professional. Inpatient detox treatment is in your best interest and helps to protect your safety while giving you the support you need to ensure the long-term success of your sobriety. Alcohol detoxification requires full-time attention and monitoring and should never be done without professional care.

3 Step Detox Program

Detoxing, like recovery as a whole, is not a single step process. Alcohol detox requires several stages to ensure it is done in the safest, healthiest way possible that also provides the best chances of long-term recovery and sobriety. At Chelsea By the Sea, we’ve developed an alcohol detox program that is specifically designed to address the needs of each patient while providing them the tools and support they need to recover.

Our 12 step based, 3-phase approach to detoxing works in tandem with our residential recovery model to ensure long-term success. The social model detox program we use is broken into three separate components to give our team the tools and freedom to respond to the unique symptoms and complications inherent in each part of the detox process.

Crisis Detox: As the first stage, it is often the most intense for both the patient and their loved ones. As the body begins to react to the absence of the alcohol it has grown dependent on, withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, fever, and nausea set in. Our team of experienced addiction treatment professionals is ready to help manage and minimize these symptoms and guide the patient forward.

Medically Assisted Treatment: After the initial removal of toxins, we use a specialized and individualized combination of medical treatments to help ensure the overall health and well being of our patients. Our onsite physician administers this medication with the advice and input of a therapist and case manager. Our patient’s health and well being is always our primary concern, and we take extra steps to ensure they are well cared for during this transition.

Post-Acute Signs and Symptoms Withdrawals: The final stage of the alcohol detoxing process can often include some residual withdrawal symptoms. These typically pale in comparison to those that occurred during the Crisis Detox stage and can be managed through a mixture of medication and the various treatment options available to patients at Chelsea By the Sea.

Through our 3 step process, patients have an opportunity to enter into a more intensive and long-term program with a body cleared of their addiction. Alcohol detoxification offers patients a chance to begin anew and to focus their full attention on recovery and building an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Benefits of Our Alcohol Detox Program

Our detox program provides a safe, comfortable environment to transition through each stage of withdrawals. Additionally, several benefits prove that seeking out the help of trained professionals is always in the best interest of the addict.

  1. Minimize the discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms
  2. Manage medical complications as they arise
  3. Monitor the vital signs of a patient as they fight through this difficult stage on the path to recovery
  4. Over insight and comfort through every step of the detox process

Goal of Our Alcohol Detox Program

The primary goal of our alcohol detoxification program is to help our patients achieve the substance-free life they’ve always wanted while minimizing withdrawal symptoms and treating any underlying and co-occurring disorders that may be contributing to the addiction. We want all of our patients to be able to live addiction-free lives, and detoxification provides the foundation that ensures a patient’s success in our alcohol treatment programs. If you’re ready to begin living an alcohol-free life, contact us at Chelsea By the Sea today.

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