What to Do If Your Loved One is Addicted to Heroin

Helping a loved one with a heroin addiction might become one of the most challenging aspects of your life because moving anyone from a state of denial does not happen right away and takes a lot of patience. Maybe your loved one is already past denial and realizes they have a problem. If this is the case, then they may have tried a few times to quit heroin, but to no avail due to the … Continue reading

Couples in Rehab

Couples in Rehab

Almost anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol, so it should be no surprise that couples can both become addicted too. The unique challenge of couples who are addicted to substances is that they sustain each other’s addictions. This means each partner is consistently reminded of their drug use by the other and that if one partner were to want to stop, the other may talk them back into using … Continue reading

Why Exercise is Essential to Addiction Recovery

Exercise & Recovery

Substance addictions are maintained by various factors that include an ever-growing tolerance, cravings, and withdrawal. After people take a drug enough times, their tolerance to that drug builds up to the extent that they have to increase the dosage to achieve the desired effects.

This leads to the formation of dependence on that drug which then itself leads to unpleasant feelings of withdrawal mixed with urges to retake the drug. The neurotransmitter … Continue reading

How Yoga Benefits in Recovery

Yoga & Recovery


Stress plays a major role amongst many factors that lead to forming an addiction over time. Scientific studies have also shown that stress can increase the chances of relapse significantly. This makes sense because the addictive substance starts to represent instant gratification and an escape from life’s problems. Anytime stress arises in someone’s life, there is a magic pill or liquid that can alleviate that stress faster than most other … Continue reading

Benefits of Pets in Recovery

Pets in Recovery


Pet therapy is one of the newest trends amongst mental health professionals, and it’s not only being used for those with depression. It can also be helpful for people with more severe forms of mental illness and those who are struggling with substance addiction. Chelsea By the Sea’s Huntington Beach residential treatment programs understand the critical role your pet plays in your life and recovery, and they’re a welcome part … Continue reading

Various Kinds Of Drug Detox

Drug detox is the transition from using an addictive substance to complete abstinence from that substance. Huntington Beach detox programs offer medically assisted detoxification for people who are struggling with an addiction to stimulants, opioids, cannabinoids, and sedative-hypnotic drugs. Depending on which type of drug the person is addicted to, medically assisted detoxification can involve administering gradually lower doses of the addictive drug, implementing a safer substitute drug with similar effects as the original … Continue reading

When It’s Time For An Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is one of the most widely used legal drugs because of its ability to alleviate the anxiety associated with everyday life and certain social situations. As harmless as alcohol may seem when compared to more aggressive, illegal drugs, alcohol can still be addictive and cause catastrophic, life-altering injuries if misused.

Addiction to any substance is a painful internal struggle between giving in to the substance and maintaining abstinence. Alcohol detox is one of … Continue reading

How 1 on 1 Counseling Helps During Addiction Recovery

1 on 1 counseling for substance addiction is provided by counselors who are competently trained in the field of substance abuse counseling. These counselors have studied the types of commonly used addictive substances, their effects, the stages of addiction, withdrawal symptoms for each substance, and have likely counseled several patients who were struggling with some kind of substance addiction. Most substance abuse counselors are trained to understand every type of addiction, but counselors who … Continue reading

Detox: Cleansing the Body

The decision to get sober is an empowering one, but figuring out your path to recovery is often confusing and overwhelming at first. Taking recovery one step at a time and gathering as much information as possible will lessen the stress of making important decisions about your health. After you’ve decided to pursue recovery, focus on the first step: drug and alcohol detox.

What Is Detox?

Detox is typically the first step for a … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Pet to Detox

Detox isn’t just any old routine medical procedure: it represents the first step in a monumental life change. During this important time, you will want all the support you can get, and you won’t want to be worrying about if Fido or ChiChi got into the trash again at home.

There’s a solution for that: bring your pet to detox! Here are some of the reasons why detox is better with pets.

1. Pets … Continue reading

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