Couples in Rehab

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Couples in Rehab

Almost anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol, so it should be no surprise that couples can both become addicted too. The unique challenge of couples who are addicted to substances is that they sustain each other’s addictions. This means each partner is consistently reminded of their drug use by the other and that if one partner were to want to stop, the other may talk them back into using again. This is why our Huntington Beach residential programs offer unique couples’ therapy service.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is commonly used for people who are married, but can also be provided to non-married couples. Some forms of psychotherapy will address communication problems, sexual issues, anger from conflicts, infidelity or challenges in raising children. Depending on what substances are being abused, this therapy may also be used for domestic violence.

For example, chronic meth use can dramatically alter a person’s personality to the extent that they can become aggressive, paranoid, and physically or emotionally violent. This could easily lead to escalation for couples who use meth and that could lead to physical abuse.

Depending on what area of psychology a therapist focuses on, Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) is often used for couples experiencing a substance abuse. Because this therapy uses rewards to positively reinforce abstinence from drug use. This approach follows behavioral psychology, the theory that we behave in certain ways because we expect a reward for those behaviors. Other therapist may use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or other techniques to treat the couples.

Challenges Couples Face in Rehab

The biggest challenge of rehab for couples is that partners often trust each other more than others, which creates biased behaviors. Research shows that women desire to be close to their partner and men believe they can control her substance use, so the man often initiates drug use. Couples who use addictive substances often show the same affection as any other couple, but the relationship can become painful when the addictive substance takes over

Seeking Help for Substance Addiction

An addiction has the power to change a person’s personality to the extent that you might not recognize their behavior anymore. If you are in a relationship that involves substance abuse, feel free to contact us so we can help you find the right California addiction treatment for your needs. Call Chelsea By the Sea at 1 (844) 312-5326 and we will assist you in getting the help you need.

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