If you’re struggling with drug addiction, it may be time to seek out the help of a qualified and experienced detox and rehabilitation center to lead you on the road to recovery. Professionally administered and guided detox has saved the lives of hundreds of people during their struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

While under the care of the team at Chelsea By The Sea, you’ll find that putting down the drink or saying no to that drug is within your grasp and that you have the strength to break free of your addiction. Our modern, cutting-edge treatment programs focus on both the causes and symptom of addiction and can help no matter where you’re at on your journey.

What is Drug Detoxification?

The first step towards recovery for those addicted to drugs is often a full detox. Drug detoxification is a period of medical treatment where a person is helped through the process of overcoming their physical and psychological dependence on a substance.

Detoxing can be a physically jarring experience which is why we administer it only under the care of trained professionals who lead our patients through each stage of the process. Due to the potentially life-threatening complications of detoxing, you should never attempt to do it alone, and in addition to our trained staff, we provide a calm, secure environment to safely detox. 

The staff at Chelsea By the Sea are experienced in helping patients from the early stages of their drug detox through rehabilitation and into recovery. We understand how difficult the process can be and the firm grasp addiction can hold over an addicts life. Through our years of experience, we’ve become familiar with the path of destruction addiction often leaves in its wake and the pain this causes the addict as well as their friends and family. Detoxification offers addicts a new start and a chance to recover who they were before addiction overtook their life. While the process does not happen overnight, recovery is possible if you’re willing to face the problem and focus on a solution that works for you and your life.

Benefits of a Detox Treatment

Breaking free from addiction does not happen overnight or without effort. The recovery process is a gradual one that requires daily patience, hard work, and commitment. By committing to join a full long-term detox and rehabilitation program, you drastically increase your chances of success.

Those who attempt to detox and recover alone often fail to commit to their new lifestyle and can put their lives at risk if something goes wrong while detoxing. The care provided at Chelsea By the Sea will ensure you’re safe during your transition, and the skillsets you build will help prevent a relapse long into the future.

When it comes to addiction, your mind and body may not align. While you may be ready and willing to be sober, your body has grown accustomed to the substance and may even depend on it to function normally. Until your body and mind are in sync, you cannot lead a healthy and addiction-free life.

Our California drug detox program is designed specifically to help you on your path to recovery. With our 3 phase detox program, you can safely remove drugs from your body and system and take the first step to a substance-free future.

3 Phase Detox Program

All detoxes are not the same, and some work better than others. While each of our detox programs are adjusted to fit the needs of the individual patient best, Chelsea By the Sea uses a social model detox in tandem with our residential recovery model to provide long-term results for our patient. This 12 step based, 3-phase approach to detoxing is one of the least invasive and most successful methods to addiction recovery available. The tiered approach adjusts to the varying symptoms and complications of each stage of the detox so our team can provide the best service at all points of the process.

Stage 1: Crisis Detox

The first stage of detoxing is the most intense and painful. During this time, the body is rejecting the absence of a substance it had grown to depend on. Known as the crisis detox, this period lasts 5 to 10 days and can cause severe nausea, vomiting, fever, shakes, and a rapid heartbeat. During this stage, our team provides focused care to manage these symptoms and ensure a safe transition into step 2.

Stage 2: Medically Assisted Treatment

After passing through the crisis detox, our patients are provided with the medicine needed to help them begin to recover and remove the last of the substance from their system. All medication is administered on an individual basis under the clinical judgment of our onsite physician, case managers, and therapists. We never apply a one size fits all approach to our patients and design each step of the detox process around what best suits the individual needs of our patients.

Stage 3: Post-Acute Signs and Symptoms Withdrawals

Lasting 5-10 days, this last stage is the final hurdle to a complete detox. During stage 3, patients often feel mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms that begin to lessen as time goes on and they start to utilize the other services available at Chelsea By the Sea. Managing withdrawal symptoms can occasionally involve further medication, but this is always applied on a case by case basis and in the best interest of the patient.

At Chelsea By the Sea, we understand that recovery is a process. Admission to our drug detox and rehabilitation program can be a positive first step in that process.

Healthy and Compassionate Detox Environment

Your environment can either help or hinder your recovery. At Chelsea By the Sea, we offer a safe haven for you to recover without the triggers, distractions, or stressors that led you to addiction. Our protective environment removes easy access to drugs and provides a welcoming, understanding, and healing environment for you to focus on your long-term sobriety. Everyone at Chelsea By the Sea is ready to help you succeed and ensure you build a healthier, happier future.

Goals of Our California Detox Program

Intended as a way to jump-start a  commitment to a substance-free future, drug detoxification can provide immediate relief from withdrawal symptoms, giving addicts the time and clarity needed to focus on their addiction. Freed from the initial pains of detox, our patients can work alongside our therapists to treat any co-occurring disorders and identify the underlying causes of addiction.

Once a patient has completed the three stages of the detox program, they’re ready to enter our long-term treatment and rehabilitation programs that offer them a real chance at sobriety. Maintaining and sustaining a recovery is just as crucial as committing to a detox program, and with our focus on incorporation psychological, family, and social interventions, persistent, enduring recovery is possible.

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