Amenities At Chelsea By the Sea

Many rehabs and substance abuse treatment centers can feel unnatural and separate from the real world, creating an environment where addiction recovery is detached from the rest of life. At Chelsea By the Sea, we want your recovery to be a part of your day to day life and to come as naturally as possible.

Addiction treatment is difficult enough without the pressure of trying to apply the same techniques you fostered in isolation to your normal life. Our property was designed with you and your comfort in mind so you can prioritize your path to healing in a place that feels like home.


Designed For Comfort

Chelsea By the Sea’s newly refurbished home is located in a cozy and quiet neighborhood. Your privacy is our priority, and we practice the utmost discretion to protect the privacy of our patients during their path toward a healthier and happier future. Based in Huntington Beach and mere minutes from downtown, we take the laid-back beach lifestyle to heart and have fostered an inviting and full-service environment to design a sober lifestyle that is sustainable for after you leave our programs.


Personalized, Focused Care

We have four bedrooms and six beds available for our patients. Our small size ensures we have the time and resources our patients want and need. At Chelsea By the Sea, you are never just another patient. We take an active interest in your recovery and want to help you identify and treat the root causes of your drug or alcohol addiction.

Calm, Welcoming Environment

Our patients have access to all areas of the home, both inside and out. Chelsea By the Sea has been newly refurbished with dark wood, comfortable beds, and soft leather couches so you can relax with ease.

Outside, our backyard gives patients a chance to center themselves amongst nature and socialize with others in the program. Our spacious backyard has a working fire pit that can be used for lighting or making smores, and the lemon tree on the property covers the yard in a gentle, citrus scent.

Healthy Eating

When you’re recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, what you put into your body is just as important as what you take out. At Chelsea By the Sea, we offer a variety of meal plans and dietary options so you can fuel yourself from the inside out. Vegetarian and vegan meal plans are available for those who prefer a plant-based diet.

Ready To Begin Your Path to Recovery?

If you’d like to join us at Chelsea By the Sea or if you’d like to reserve a spot for a loved one who’s struggling with addiction, contact us to reserve your spot today! Our residential treatment program is your first step towards a happier, addiction-free future.

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