Chelsea By the Sea Offers Unique Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Services

Due to our commitment to providing the best service possible, Chelsea By the Sea offers a wide variety of individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment services that address the unique needs of our patients. Our refined program an equipped to fulfill the needs of each of our patients in a warm and inviting environment that offers a respite from the storm of addiction.

Our staff believes that there is no single way to treat addiction and that the best method is what works. We continually evaluate and update our processes and practices to adapt to the changing needs of our patients and use only the best modern techniques to provide addiction relief to those in our care. When you’re at Chelsea By the Sea, you are a part of our team. We take your input and advice to heart and will do whatever can to provide the addiction treatment you need to recover and avoid relapsing after you’ve left our care.

Personalized Addiction Treatment

Every one of our patients was drawn to our treatment program for a unique reason, and we want to honor that individuality. Our team will work with you or a loved one to develop a personalized addiction treatment plan that both compliments your strengths and weakness while also serving as the best fit for your interests and needs.

Our unique therapy approaches provide something for everyone and can expose you to treatment options you never considered before. Our trained professionals can guide you through our individual, group, trauma, sound, and art therapy sessions to identify the causes of your addiction and any co-occurring illnesses that may be a contributing factor. By focusing on and reinforcing the positive pieces of your life and identifying triggers, we can work together to build a brighter, healthier future and avoid situations that might cause a relapse.

Co-Occurring Treatment Program

Though not impossible, substance abuse rarely occurs without an underlying cause. For many addicts, a mental health disorder encourages and supports their alcohol or drug addiction and is the root cause of the behavior. These mental health disorders, known as co-occurring disorders, can destroy an addiction recovery plan if left undiagnosed and untreated. At Chelsea By the Sea, we understand the impact these co-occurring disorders can have on your recovery, and we’ve made their diagnosis and treatment a key component of our program.

Our co-occurring addiction treatment plans simultaneously treat both the addiction and the mental health disorder to attack the addiction from all angles. These two co-occurring disorders often reinforce one another, building off each other until their causes and symptoms are too intertwined to separate. However, treating one will not eliminate the problem and, if left untreated, mental health disorders can often trigger addiction relapses. Instead, both issues must be addressed in tandem to guarantee long-term success.

At Chelsea By the Sea, our trained professionals are available to assess our patient’s needs and determine the best course of action for their unique experience and addiction.

Pet-Friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Pets can be an invaluable source of love and support during the difficult period of addiction treatment and recovery. The process of detoxing and learning to live a new life free of alcohol or drugs can leave patients feeling vulnerable. Pets like cats and dogs can help to fight off these negative emotions and remind recovering addicts of just how far they’ve come on their path to recovery.

In addition to boosting your self-esteem, pets can also be a source of feel-good hormones that your body naturally releases when interacting with your animal. During these interactions, patients often feel a sense of calm and begin to relax as a result. These hormones can also help to relieve anxiety and depression, two emotions commonly felt during the recovery process. With your pet by your side, you may be better equipped to manage the intense feelings and experiences that you will likely face in addiction treatment, and we welcome you and your furry friends at Chelsea By the Sea.

Couples Addiction Treatment

Couples that abuse a substance together have a significantly higher chance of staying sober and clean if they pursue addiction treatment together. However, most addiction treatment centers insist on separating couple, potentially removing a key support group and promoting a cycle of addiction if one half does not succeed in recovering.

At Chelsea By the Sea, we believe a couple stands a better chance of recovering if they fight their addiction side by side. We effectively treat both partners in the same facility and help them to confront their addiction both separately and as a couple. Our individualized care ensures that each patient has their own unique needs addressed and cared for so that their journey to recovery is not wholly dependent on the success of another.

We also use behavioral therapy to change actions and habits from ones that encourage and promote addiction and abuse to ones the support sobriety and recovery. These therapies can be done with couples who can assist one another through the process.

Holistic Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Chelsea By the Sea believes in a full body recovery that heals both the body and the mind. We offer a variety of addiction treatment therapies that involve both your mind and body and help you to build coping techniques that will help you avoid relapses in the future. Our services include:

  1. Art Therapy: Our Art Therapy program encourages self-expression as well as an awareness of how your subconscious makes itself apparent through art
  2. Yoga Therapy: Yoga is a gentle way to become more aware of your body and build strength and endurance while promoting mindfulness
  3. Trauma Therapy: Early experiences of trauma can lead to a lifetime of addiction if not treated and addressed. We provide individualized services to ensure our patients can move forward part this experience.
  4. Sound Therapy: An ancient technique, sound therapy aligns the mind with the world around it to promote wellbeing and overall health
  5. Equine Therapy: By connecting with nature, our patients are better able to see their place in the world and develop sustainable, healthy coping mechanisms
  6. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): A psychotherapy technique used to treat patients with disturbing life experiences, EMDR has reduced symptoms and helped heal those suffering.
  7. Recreational Activities: Coping measures are the key to a successful recovery after leaving treatment, and our various recreational activities give addiction sufferers the opportunity to find what works best for them and their interests

If you or a loved one need a solution to addiction that puts your individual needs first and can provide shelter during this turbulent time, contact us at Chelsea By the Sea today!

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